Tangled Christmas Tree Motif Tea Light Holder

Relax and enjoy the festivities with this enchanting  ceramic tea light holder featuring our signature filigree ‘tangled’ pattern set in a Christmas tree motif. This festive and magical tea light holder with its fresh, off-white, lustrous glaze and intricate filigree motif looks stunning on a fire place or on the dining table. Once lit, the candlelight glows through the design, creating an enchanting Christmassy ambience in your home.

Other festive motifs; Star and Hollow Christmas Tree designs are available in this range so mix and match the designs to create your perfect composition. Tea light holders are sold individually £15.00 each and come presented in a gift box. With a choice of designs to suit every occasion, these tea light holders are the perfect gift. Each one is individually handcrafted and features its very own unique line formation.

Tea light not included.

SIZE: Height 7 cm, Diameter 6.5 cm

DELIVERY TIME: 3-5 working days




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