Haven Cottage - Ceramic Hanging Decoration

Embellish your Christmas tree with this charming and unique ceramic hanging little cottage decoration. Featuring 4 hand cut-out square windows and a half opened arched door. The fancy roof is in laced with our signature tangled pattern. Each little house is intricately hand crafted for you to cherish and enjoy year after year. .

This year, more than ever, when we may be unable to be together sending a personalised Timea Sido ‘Piece of Home’ could be the perfect gesture.

PERSONALISED OPTION: For that extra special touch you can now personalise this little house by having your chosen door number printed on the front door (+£1.50). If you are sending it as a gift why not add a lovely hand written note to accompany the little house inside a charming mini envelope. (+1.50) Please add all personalised information in an email to Timea. Click here

Tangled House is off white in colour and hangs from a 3mm Satin ribbon and decorated with a little metal bead, which adds just the right amount of festive magic.

There are 6 beautiful satin ribbon colours to chose from to match your style. (Traditional Red, Ivory, Moss Green, Peacock, Midnight Blue and Grey)

The name Haven Cottage was chosen as it suggests a calm, peaceful adobe, where you can hide away from the stresses of the outside world. Just what we all need!

SIZE: Height 10 cm, Width 5 cm, Depth 3mm

DELIVERY TIME: 5-10 working days



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