About Timea

A very warm welcome to the 'tangled' world of British designer maker Timea Sido.

Timea Sido at Cockpit Arts Summer Open Studios 2018

“I close my eyes and a tranquil, calm and creative world surrounds me, the four walls of my house encase me, providing shelter and warmth, yet it is the interior, filled with my much loved objects that make it a home. My home is my sanctuary and the canvas for my work.”

Timea has been intricately hand crafting stylish and beautifully designed ceramic objects since 2002. Her pieces are predominantly white to create an elegant collection of timeless pieces. Timea's work is inspired by the most unlikeliest of nature's creations, like a decaying autumn leaf with its filigree skeleton structure, or a tangled spider's web, both highlighting delicacy and detail on an undiscovered level.


It was this newly found aesthetic beauty especially a tangled spider's web that captured Timea's imagination and formed the foundations of her work. She developed an innovative technique back in 2002 to represent a contemporary interpretation of a tangled web, through the layering of delicate white earthenware clay lines in a controlled yet random way to construct a three dimensional filigree surface, which then features through out her pieces. Her ceramics have a wonderfully fluid, draped, lace like quality to them, often defying the conventions of traditional ceramics.

"I am captivated by symmetry and fine detailing, so everything I design and make have these elements in abundance. Each piece has to be luxurious and visually ornate as well as having function, even if the function is only to look beautiful on a shelf.”

Born in the UK, but with roots in Hungary, Timea’s passion for design started at an early age with Saturday pottery classes. Timea graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design in 2001, but at this point was working in fashion and textile design. It wasn’t until she joined the prestigious Cockpit Arts’ studios in 2002 that she started to translate her designs and ideas into clay. Timea currently has two studios, a design studio based at Cockpit Arts, South East London and her workshop in her home in Kent.

" I am a messy maker and my tools are always everywhere but the end results invariably have to be pristine and immaculately made. I use a range of tools to aid me with the making, but my most invaluable tools are my paintbrushes and my metal kidneys."

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